How did you do trading the Euro Currency today ?

Almost as watching magic in front of your eyes, amaze yourelf by watching the following video of John Paul demonstrating the Atlas Line software perform in two unbelievable trades.

Atlas Line indicates to go short right after three consecutive large green candles and John Paul does so with little hesitation. Why? Becayse the Atlas Line is constantly effective in making the decisions for us. Price was headed toward the Atlas Line, indicating an Atlas Line pull back trade (at least two bars pulling back followed by one candle closing in the red). ORDER FILLED. Using only price action and the Atlas Line,this resulted in a nice 1 point winner.

Plenty of opportunities for profit today with the Atlas Line:

Trade 1 – Short – win for 5-6 ticks
Trade 2 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 3 – Long – loss for 6-7 ticks
Trade 4 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 5 – Long – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 6 – Long – win for 4-5 ticks

This gives us a daily potential of 32 ticks if you traded using the Atlas Line.

The difference in doing well or not in day trading is usually a result of lack of experience, knowledge or effective tools.

The ATR gives us a clear volatility indication for us to know when to get out. All in all, the combination of the Atlas Line and ATR leave little doubt for a day trader, allowing him to get in and out with profits and ease. Is your trading strategy simple or are you fighting just to keep consistent?

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