Professional E-Mini Trading – Words of Wisdom

Sandy, the trader in the above video, searched for a private educational program for quite some time. Weighing the dozens of day trading courses out there, he decided to go with Day Trade to Win’s Mentorship for the following reasons:

  • Ask sucessful traders who you trust – get their recommendations
  • Look at the methods – are they objective? Are they based on price? Or are they hidden indicator methods?
  • Do the methods recognize time of day? The markets behave differently depending on the time of day. Many day trading courses expect you to trade a system the same way all day long. John Paul’s Day Trade to Win techniques adapt to the market depending on how price action behaves throughout the day
  • Are there enough entry and exit strategies to work with? Having a couple may not be enough for trading every day.
  • Are each of the methods linked in some way, as to provide an overall strategy for engaging the markets?

As Sandy has said, learning by trial and error is far too costly – the markets will take your money, resulting in a far greater expense than the cost of a training program.

2 thoughts on “Professional E-Mini Trading – Words of Wisdom”

  1. Sandy seems like an honest guy. I am wondering, where can I find more testimonials to see how day traders like the education? Also, have you heard if Day Trade To Win is doing any group training? Their group lessons are usually cheaper.

    1. Here’s a link where Day Trade to Win posts all of their day trading reviews. We received an email that says they’re doing the group trading lessons again. It looks like you can sign up from now until July 1, 2011. You’re right – the price is greatly reduced and worthwhile for the type of education and attention.

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