NinjaTrader Webinar with Price Action Trading

This Day Trade to Win webinar was sponsored by NinjaTrader and focuses on the following:

Watch three educational trading videos to learn exact methods
• Discover the #1 tool every trader should use
• Difference between trading currencies and futures
• How to identify trends early
• Trading news events
• Why trading rooms aren’t a good idea
• Tick amounts between markets – British Pound, Euro, E-Mini, Canadian Dollar
• Volatility and when you should be trading
• Best approach from simulation to live trading

We have found NinjaTrader to be the best platform because of its advanced charting features, market analysis, and ability, and ability to switch between brokers. Some time in 2013, we expect NinjaTrader 8 to be downloadable, bringing in more features while keeping the platform streamlined. Where other platforms get bloated, you can count on NinjaTrader listening to its users and giving them exactly what they want – a fast, stable and accurate trading platform.

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