Trading Oil Futures, the Russell and E-mini with DayTradeToWin

John Paul discusses the offerings at Day Trade to Win and how they are all based off of price action. For the most part, the methods can be traded on anything because they’re price-action based. There is no bias for trading long or short. Candles prove the direction to trade (long or short) moving forward.

After this explanation, you’ll learn:
• Yo-Yo Bars – what they are and how to trade them
• The rules of first-come, first-served in electronic markets, HFT at the CME
• “Front-running” trades – set your sights on one tick in front of your goal
• How the Atlas Line can be used on the Euro, E-mini, Crude and Russell
• Trading news events
• Catastrophic stops, pivotal stops, time-based stops, and prove-it stops
• The January Effect

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