Day Trading Education: Guessing Doesn’t Work

Does your indicator actually work for day trading? Here, we have a total of five trades that happened in a few hours. We’ll experience each exchange in real-time so you can see precisely what we did, trade-by-trade. We’re exchanging the E-mini S&P 500 using a 2 Range chart via the NinjaTrader platform.

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With your acquisition of the Trade Scalper, we show you the full rules. This video is just an overview. We’ll clarify more after your purchase. The indicator makes it very easy to find the trades. You won’t have to manually find them yourself, though you can if you want (since we completely disclose the rules).

What do most professional traders share for all intents and purpose? Self-education. Truly,it is possible to learn yourself via trial and error, but losing trades are awfully expensive. Wouldn’t it be smarter and more cost-effective to learn from someone who has already made mistakes and developed methods that have been tested over time? The Trade Scalper has been around for a considerable length of time.

Here’s a real testimonial we received today from a client: “Also, the Trade Scalper on 2-range has been killing it lately. I don’t know if the results are always this good, or if it depends on market conditions, but it might be my favorite strategy so far.” This student has been taking part in our eight-week Mentorship Program and got the Trade Scalper as part of the ongoing education curriculum. Click here to learn about the next class.

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