How to Day Trade Using Price Action: Day Trading for Beginners – Ep. 2

Today, we are continuing with the series of short, but strong, video lectures on day trading using price action. We will create longer, more detailed and thorough videos for you later, but I want to show the topics in short and simple videos first.

Last time I spoke to you about how I came in contact with day trading using price action and how I became successful with technical analysis some 25 years ago. There are many assorted topics in the “field” of price action that we will need to go through one-by-one. Today, I want us to focus our attention on TRENDS. I don’t know if this is the obvious topic to start with. It might not be, but at the end of the day, trends are going to be the thing that makes you the money in trading, so I think it is a good choice of topic to begin with.

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