Trading With an Edge Against All Odds

Have you been staying up to date with the entirety of our new trading videos? Here’s one more day demonstrating Atlas Line and ATO 2 signals on the E-mini S&P 500 (ES). Likewise, you’ll see the Trade Scalper operating on a “2 range” chart. Jumping right into the video, you’ll see John Paul is in a trade/position worth three points.

The previous trading was a losing short trade. You can see how that unfolded in real-time where the future is unknown. We frequently consider later winning trades a type of recovery, however there is no assurance they will occur. When you utilize the ATO 2 and the Trade Scalper, you will get more signals and more possibilities for recovery. All things considered, bad days can and will happen, so on the off chance that you experience misfortunes early, again, don’t assume you will always make up the difference later via “revenge trading.” Trading is about consistency after some time and that is the objective. To us, two losses often signal a time to analyze the current day and reconsider further trading.

At around 3:00, take a look at the Trade Scalper. John Paul was waiting for the next signal to occur across multiple systems. Compare our various trading systems to see what works best for you. If you want it all, consider our eight-week Group Mentorship Program that begins soon. Reserve your seat while there’s still time!

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