Atlas Line Price Action Software for NinjaTrader

The Atlas Line provides traders with long and short order signals, determines the expected direction of price with a plotted angled line, and has a few custom trade setups that compliment the tool. John Paul, founder of Day Trade to Win and creator of the Atlas Line, coaches traders on how to use the trading tool free with purchase in the form of a webinar. He also conducts presentations whereby traders can request the Atlas Line to be display on markets of their choosing. John Paul’s favorite markets to trade with the Atlas Line are the Emini, Euro, CAD, Russell, AUD and other currencies and futures.

The video above showcases trades taken August 1 and August 2 (last two days) in which the Atlas Line successfully called out multiple short trades that were worth quite a bit of money with price tanking. The Atlas Line caught the initial short moves which appeared shortly after market open, but the “indicator” didn’t stop there. Multiple pullback trades occurred, which further confirmed profitable short trades. Did you know which side of the market to be on? Did the markets make or break your account the last few days?

Professional E-Mini Trading – Words of Wisdom

Sandy, the trader in the above video, searched for a private educational program for quite some time. Weighing the dozens of day trading courses out there, he decided to go with Day Trade to Win’s Mentorship for the following reasons:

  • Ask sucessful traders who you trust – get their recommendations
  • Look at the methods – are they objective? Are they based on price? Or are they hidden indicator methods?
  • Do the methods recognize time of day? The markets behave differently depending on the time of day. Many day trading courses expect you to trade a system the same way all day long. John Paul’s Day Trade to Win techniques adapt to the market depending on how price action behaves throughout the day
  • Are there enough entry and exit strategies to work with? Having a couple may not be enough for trading every day.
  • Are each of the methods linked in some way, as to provide an overall strategy for engaging the markets?

As Sandy has said, learning by trial and error is far too costly – the markets will take your money, resulting in a far greater expense than the cost of a training program.

Day Trade to Win’s John Paul Shows 5 Winning Trades from 4 Markets Live

Below, you’ll find a live recording from this morning’s Atlas Line webinar with founder of Day Trade to Win, John Paul. He shows that the price action methods he teaches are for real, as there is no mistaking a live, moving market. The E-Mini, Russell, Crude Light and Euro Currency markets each display the Atlas Line software, plotted and giving order signals in real time. The Atlas Line lets traders to know how and when to enter the market: either long or short and at what price. To exit trades, John teaches how to use the ATR (Average True Range) software provided with NinjaTrader. The ATR comes in similar forms for other platforms supported by the Atlas Line like TradeStation and eSignal. In the webinar that’s included with purchase, JP shows traders a few price action setups that accompany the Atlas Line.

Also, yesterday’s price action on the E-Mini market was great for trading. I’m sure you saw how the E-Mini was on the rise within the first 15 minutes and then steadily declined in price for the rest of the day. When the market falls so quickly, traders can expect to see similar behavior in the surround days. There’s no better time to buy the Atlas Line.

How did you do trading the Euro Currency today ?

Almost as watching magic in front of your eyes, amaze yourelf by watching the following video of John Paul demonstrating the Atlas Line software perform in two unbelievable trades.

Atlas Line indicates to go short right after three consecutive large green candles and John Paul does so with little hesitation. Why? Becayse the Atlas Line is constantly effective in making the decisions for us. Price was headed toward the Atlas Line, indicating an Atlas Line pull back trade (at least two bars pulling back followed by one candle closing in the red). ORDER FILLED. Using only price action and the Atlas Line,this resulted in a nice 1 point winner.

Plenty of opportunities for profit today with the Atlas Line:

Trade 1 – Short – win for 5-6 ticks
Trade 2 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 3 – Long – loss for 6-7 ticks
Trade 4 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 5 – Long – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 6 – Long – win for 4-5 ticks

This gives us a daily potential of 32 ticks if you traded using the Atlas Line.

The difference in doing well or not in day trading is usually a result of lack of experience, knowledge or effective tools.

The ATR gives us a clear volatility indication for us to know when to get out. All in all, the combination of the Atlas Line and ATR leave little doubt for a day trader, allowing him to get in and out with profits and ease. Is your trading strategy simple or are you fighting just to keep consistent?

Q&A with Mike Anderson, Aspiring Day Trader

We’ve been receiving a few questions from day trader Mike Anderson, not affiliated with the Arkansas coach basketball ball coach, who wanted to know some basic facts about the E-Mini S&P.

Mike asked us the following questions:

1. What time does the CME open for trading E-Mini futures?
A: 9:30 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time. We always give this figure as Eastern Time because of New York’s / the East Coast’s large pull on the markets.

2. When does the CME market close for E-Mini futures trading?
A: 4:15 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time. The market then opens at 4:30 p.m. The E-Mini can be traded nearly 24/7 on Globex for those who like to take chances!

3. How many contracts do most traders start out with?
A: Most traders start off with less than five contracts. It is in the best interest of beginner traders to trade with a single contract and work their way up as money is made.

4. What is the E-Mini’s minimum tick amount?
A: Each tick is equivalent to 0.25 or $5.00.

5. What are the E-Mini contract’s trading months?
A: The E-Mini trades all year round. Be sure to roll over your contracts every March, June, September and December.

This sums up Mike’s questions for this round. Stay tuned for the next round where we’ll be discussing the E-Mini S&P; not college basketball, or the other Mike Anderson’s decision on whether or not to take the coaching job.

Since this is E-Mini Videos, we couldn’t leave you high and dry. Check out this recent blog post from Day Trade to Win showing you some great trading tips for the E-Mini S&P.

Video Recap of the Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Live Trading

Using the Atlas Line is very easy and a great tool to day trade or scalp the markets. See this video of how John Paul demonstrates the Atlas Line in real-time. Along with a great setup in the morning, a Double Bar Short Signal was given by the Atlas Line at around 2:30 p.m. EST. Upon comparing the signal with the ATR (Average True Range), we knew in advance where the bottom was.

The Atlas Line is a line drawn on your day trading chart from the time the trading session starts, calculating odds using a proprietary formula. In the morning, three Bounce Long symbols appeared between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., all advising to “go long.” Of course, these notifications occurred prior to the hike that began at around 10:30 a.m.

Then about halfway into the video, John Paul shows how the Atlas Line can be used in pre-market sessions. A Short signal is produced after-hours and shortly thereafter, price dropped a few points allowing for a pre-market profit.

John then rewinds the video again to show day trading the E-Mini activity on the 30th. A Long signal was generated that didn’t amount to that much, but check out what happens with the short signal at 1203.5…

John Paul has been teaching traders how to improve their day trading and you can trade like the pros.

Atlas Line
Atlas Line

3 Rules for Day Trading News Events

These rules can be applied to any market, including the E-Mini S&P, futures and currencies:

1. Positive news doesn’t guarantee that market price will rise.

2. Negative news doesn’t guarantee that market price will fall.

3. Only act based upon the advice of a price action trading method, in this case, the Atlas Line.

John Paul from shows us why he went SHORT despite positive news that affected the E-Mini S&P market. On December 6, 2010 (late evening), Obama announced a tax cut extension, rallying the market during the night trading session. As the market started to come down from the rally, the Atlas Line produced a short order signal.

Now that we have entered the trade, how do we exit? In the video, John shows us how to use the ATR (Average True Range) to decide based on profit target. The greater the ATR (range), the greater the potential profit. The ATR NinjaTrader tool should be used to dictate your profits. Trade within the bounds of price action, not your emotions.

Day Trading Scalping Techniques

This past week has been very slow for E-Mini S&P traders. The only way to make a buck was to scalp the market. There’s no better time to learn how to scalp trade – luckily, the Trade Scalper Course is available once again.

The Trade Scalper’s scalping method is demonstrated here where the instructor enters the market for three ticks. This video is recent, showing three trades on November 3, 2010.

Trade Scalper students operate like this:
Trading without slippage, not moving stops or profit targets – keep them in place
They use a one-minute chart, get in and out of the trade quickly
They do not use market orders. Instead, they use limit orders to prevent slippage.

How much did you make trading the E-Mini S&P on November 3? Even after the elections, the E-Mini S&P is significantly less volatile as compared to even the summer months.

There’s a free Trade Scalper webinar scheduled for Thursday, November 11 from 7:00 pm EST to 8:00 pm EST.

E-mini online videos teaches the best methods to Day trade

With all the scams on the internet we try to find the best day trading videos to suite the traders. Coming across DayTradeToWin and the hundreds of videos they put out we have found an authority in trading. The videos will teach and show you how day trading is really done.

Trade Scalper – ATO Daytradetowin Reviews – Trading Coaching Program

Day Traders start your engines! A new course in trade scalping teaches you how to make a few ticks within a few minutes time and getting out. I tried it out myself. As I was taking in the profits, I could picture myself as a cobra waiting….waiting… then striking quick and hard, then withdrawing before I could get hurt. The course: made by highly successful emini sp day trader John Paul, is helping me to maximize my profits while minimizing my losses.