Scalping Risk Management for Day Traders

The Trade Scalper has been doing great on an everyday basis. Based on the emails we’ve gotten, our customers have been happy. Watch this video to see a real-time trade with a review of numerous ongoing Trade Scalper signals. Get the Trade Scalper for your own charts or review our other offerings, including our eight-week Mentorship Coaching Program!

Immediately, you can see the Trade Scalper software running on the NinjaTrader platform. It is often used with a 2-Range chart, as seen here. Be careful with signals that occur soon after the market opens, as there are many factors out of your control within the first 10 or so minutes. Scalping with small stops during this volatile period may well cause a premature exit.

If you’re interested in checking out the ATO 2 and Atlas Line, jump to 3:55 in the video. Signals are shared.

Pre-Market Trading: Have You Tried It?

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Ordinarily, trading pre-market is too slow. Sitting in a trade for an hour waiting for action increases your risk. As long as volatility exists, you should be fine to trade. Review your charts to see volatility associated with Asia and Europe, for example. In our video, you’ll see a number of Trade Scalper signals that happened before the market “opened” at 9:30 a.m. EST. If the market moved during that time with decent volatility, do feel free to trade.

In summary, trade pre-market is permissible when conditions are volatile enough. Such conditions may be present around the open of those exchanges or instruments/markets. But, be aware that the first 15 minutes or so may subject you to greater risk. Indeed, the first 15 minutes are a volatile time.

How to Install NinjaTrader 8 Indicators

In this video we’ll show you how to install the NinjaTrader 8 indicators easily. First of all, you must find an indicator to download and then import it. What is an indicator? It’s a trading tool that plugs into your chart to give you trading signals or other information to help you trade. We have many indicators. Take a look at the Trade Scalper, ATO 2, and Atlas Line. Also, we have an eight-week coaching program called Mentorship that provides access to all trading indicators with Lifetime Licenses.

And if you have already purchased one of our indicators, great! If not, you can download a free trading indicator from our downloads page. Once the indicator file is downloaded, remember where the indicator file has been downloaded! You’ll need to navigate to this folder later within NinjaTrader (in order to import the indicator). By the way, most indicators are offered as .zip files. .Zip is a file type that compresses multiple files within a single file. In Windows 10, .zip files behave a lot like regular folders aka directories. Good news – when it comes to importing indicators, NinjaTrader expects a .zip file. In other words, don’t do a darn thing with that downloaded indicator! Leave it as-is, as the indicator .zip file itself is what you’ll be imported into Ninja.

Top 3 Ways to Learn Day Trading

Do you want to learn how to day trade? There are many ways. Before we get into that, let’s reflect a little bit about day trading as a career.

Day trading is appealing because retail traders (people who trade from home) often have no collegiate training. It’s considered a career option that requires no formal education, yet has the potential to produce income exceeding that of physicians and sports stars. We get it – you probably became interested in trading because of one or more of these ideas. Like any profession, learning to trade properly does require time and dedication. However, at DayTradeToWin, our goal is to shorten your learning curve and get you out there without wasting extra time or money.

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See Real Student Feedback & New Scalping Video

Trade Scalper Trading Signals

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In Mentorship, you will know all of the same strategies our students learned. Every course and software are included. The objective is for you to become a pro trader by the end of eight weeks. Other than the live training aspect, you can also log in and watch the recorded videos at your leisure anytime long after the program is over. Of course, we offer continued email support for trading questions.

In addition, we have a new trading video (see below) posted that shows our very popular Trade Scalper strategy. In case you’re new to trading, scalping is an approach that focuses on quick trades with the goal of making many small profits. The presenter here goes through a number of recent signals, showing both winning and losing trades. Click here to see the Trade Scalper or click here to see all of our offerings compared.

How to Day Trade Using Price Action: Day Trading for Beginners – Ep. 1

This is going be a long series of videos and articles about price action and how to trade using price action, instead of using indicators.

When you look through the web searching for information on day trading, you will likely come across pages or videos with charts that look something like THIS or THIS…

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How to Day Trade Using Price Action: Day Trading for Beginners – Ep. 2

Today, we are continuing with the series of short, but strong, video lectures on day trading using price action. We will create longer, more detailed and thorough videos for you later, but I want to show the topics in short and simple videos first.

Last time I spoke to you about how I came in contact with day trading using price action and how I became successful with technical analysis some 25 years ago. There are many assorted topics in the “field” of price action that we will need to go through one-by-one. Today, I want us to focus our attention on TRENDS. I don’t know if this is the obvious topic to start with. It might not be, but at the end of the day, trends are going to be the thing that makes you the money in trading, so I think it is a good choice of topic to begin with.

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Atlas Line Trade Worth +6 Points

How has your trading been so far in 2019? December 2018 was a month of steady bearish activity, taking price low to unexpected levels. So far in 2019, things are looking up. In this 2019 Atlas Line video, you can see how the Atlas Line produced two successful signals.

The Atlas Line software comprises of the blue line and signals seen in the video. At the point when price moves through the line and two candles close, a long or short signal is generated. You’ll know exactly when a signal will occur, so you can prepare in advance. From that point, it’s a matter of following the rules. The included training video explains it all.


Make sure you watch the full video! Then click here to visit the Atlas Line page.

How to Day Trade Using Price Action: Day Trading for Beginners: Trends & Trend Lines – Ep. 3

In the previous episode, we introduced the topic of trends. Today, we shall dwell further into this topic, and learn some useful techniques that you can use in your price action day trading.

We are aware that the markets move in waves: up for a while and down for a while, up and down, up and down. I call that movement “up waves” and “down waves”.

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How to Day Trade Using Price Action: Supply & Demand in Day Trading – Ep. 4

Welcome to our fourth episode in the How to Day Trade Using Price Action series!

In this episode, we will study supply and demand. This might look like a boring topic, but I disagree that it is boring. It’s actually a very vital topic, and you need to understand the laws of supply and demand in order to be trading successfully with price action. This is because supply and demand and the relationship between them is the foundation of all price action.

We shall try to make the subject a bit more fun to learn, with a few silly examples and funny pictures. I might even throw in a funny cat somewhere…

In the next video, we will take a look at how you can identify supply and demand in the markets by reading the charts like a pro.

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