DayTradeToWin Review

Day Trade to Win Review

Thanks for reading this Day Trade to Win review. What exactly is Day Trade to Win?

Well, it’s a day trading educational website founded by a trader named John Paul who lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

When we researched the date of registration for this website, we discovered that it first appeared online in 2007.

The website also maintains an active YouTube channel on this page.

This YouTube page receives very decent traffic as it has over 38,000 people subscribed, plus most of the videos there have at least 1 million views.

When we speak of Day Trade to Win website, we can conclude that this is the largest educational trading school that we have ever come across on social media.

Most of their products are included courses, software, and live classes. The cheapest product here goes for$597. This will get you Trade Scalper Software or Atlas Line Software.

Day Trade to Win is also offering Accelerated Mentorship, which includes all the software as a package.  The Atlas Line Trading Software goes for nearly $1,800, while the Mentorship Program is being offered for $4,400.  We also found this daytradetowin review website to explain the program in great detail.

Let’s take a look at this mentorship program

This mentoring program is definitely the crown jewel of the Day Trade to Win website and, in our opinion, the best bang for the buck.  Once a person signs up with them, they will be ”mentored” for 8+ weeks, either one-on-one or in a group setting. The privileges for signing up includes the opportunity to have access to all the software and training videos available on the member portal. Students also get access to live mentorship classes with founder John Paul and other trading pros for support for 2-3 hours each week per the students’ schedule.

daytradetowin mentorship

During the weekly live classes, John Paul discusses the market and the reasons why he is taking that particular trade, focusing on price action and explaining the trading methods and software. As suggested, students should not trade live until the program is complete and they are confident in their skills. Keep this in mind because it is important for this review.

Claims of trading performance

Since 2007 all the way to January 2022, Day Trade to Win has been posting very detailed videos and performance results.

The website used to have a”real time” performance page a few years back in which they claimed was a representation of their performance. That web page is no longer available today due to the proprietary nature of the trading methods and software. In short, it is keeping the methods safe for future traders. No problem. But we hope you’re beginning to understand where all this is going.

Anyway, when we reviewed this report, we saw that John Paul was claiming to have made over $898,000 from 3354 trades. We thought this was truly amazing, and anyone in the day trading field knows that with the right software, this can be achieved over time.

Some time in April 2015, Day Trade to Win posted a highly detailed performance report dating back to 2008.

We also found other reviews as seen here: Daytradetowin reviews

Now, this report was even juicier because the website claimed that the average monthly profit that they were making was between 30-70K USD. Once again, professional traders know this can be achieved only if the right skills exist.

For over 10 consecutive years,  Day Trade To win has claimed to have taught hundreds of traders, and we believe it. Most day trading companies come and go, but it seems that people gravitate to John Paul’s methods and software.  We believe this is due to the fact that Price Action is used instead of the typical indicators that most traders are taught to use. This is definitely too good to be true, but we advise caution for any newbie trader thinking of jumping in. The only way to achieve similar results is to stay committed and practice.

“The problem is that the markets are ever-changing”, said Larry, a student we reached out to for comments. We have our doubts, but the key trading module of Daytradetowin is Price Action which Larry now understands. He said, “Price action allows any trader to understand how to change with the market conditions, and that’s what is taught during Mentorship.”

Contacting the person in charge of DayTradetoWin

It is very difficult to trust people when it comes to matters related to investments. This is why we reached out to Day Trade To Win directly to talk to this ‘trading guru’ to determine whether the supposed trading profits were real.

By the way, this man does not answer live phone calls but can be reached easily by email. When you send an email, he will surely respond directly, and that was a surprise to us.

In our opinion, this guy was being motivated by two investors who had apparently spent plenty of resources and time trying to learn the ‘secrets’ which they had brought at Day Trade to Win.

We had listened to their stories and were now seeking Paul’s comments. But in addition to seeking his comment on these two students, we also wanted him to verify his supposed claims of profit where he said that 2008 was his best year in trading.

Now, this leads to a back and forth kind of email conversation. Generally, this man is soft-spoken and a little bit honest with his trading performance. But why are we using the word ‘honest’?

In addition, we found other daytradetowin reviews.

Because he was upfront on the fact that these trading records were the best case scenario, and only following the rules of the program could traders achieve the same outcome. Also, the man admitted that the so-called trading performance was meant for traders to see what they are missing without using the software.

Then we explained to this man that the reason why he was having so many positive reviews is because of his price action track record of trading. We also added that providing a verifiable track record was the only credible way to determine whether an investment program is worth a penny. Surprisingly, this man agreed with our sentiments.

So the next thing that we were going to ask for was his redacted account statement highlighting his profits and losses starting 2008 all the way to 2017. By the way, we were not asking him to provide a month after month or year after year account statement. This would have been hectic and inconvenient. Therefore, we made it clear that we were looking for a very tiny silver, where we would get to see an overview of his performance for a couple of years within this period of time.

Instead, this man responded that he was not going to provide strangers with personal trading statements, and who could argue. We were looking for some freebies like most people who contact him.

Our best advice for you

So, is Day Trade to Win just a scam? In our opinion, they are not. The countless testimonials from traders using his programs lead us to believe there is something worth learning. Don’t make a judgment call solely based on one or two reviews, call them up and ask questions directly.

With so many educational trading businesses, we encourage you to do your due diligence and consider all the factors before joining any program.  Day Trade To Win has stood the test of time, now in the 12 years which shows outline their commitment to new and experienced traders.