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Here’s a recap video of E-Mini (ES) trading using automated software called the Atlas Line. The Atlas Line plots Long or Short order signals on your charts in NinjaTrader, TradeStationand eSignal. The plotted line can also be used as a reference, as you know to change to long or short trades if price is plotting above or below the line. John Paul of Day Trade to Win recommends using the ATR to dictate profit target. The Average True Range is a unique way of reading volatility. Sometimes a market with a low ATR is is far to choppy or “incomplete” to consider trading. Instead, a healthy range of 2 – 4 points of ATR for the last four bars is desired. Some days are simply better for trading than others. More often than not, the Atlas Line calls out profitable trades ahead of the big moves. Purchase of the Atlas Line includes a free live training session. The software also works with other Futures and Currencies, such as the Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, YM, Bonds and other futures / currencies.

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Buy and Sell Orders on the DOM

If you’ve ever spent considerable time day trading, you’ve likely pondered the purpose of the buy and sell orders that rapidly fluctuate in your charting software. In NinjaTrader, these values appear in the DOM window. In TradeStation, the DOM equivalent is the matrix. One cannot always rely on the buy sell values to determine support and resistance. Attempting to “tape read” these values will often result in failure. Why is this? May of these orders are “phantom” orders, placed by automated systems in hopes of manipulating retail traders to enter at compromising positions. If you look closely, you’ll see these orders disappear when price nears. What can do you about it? Don’t use order quantities to place your trades. This phantom phenomena occurs in the ES and across all other futures and currencies.

If you’re interested in a day trading course that teaches you how to handle manipulation, Power Price Action is for you.

Day Trading Coach Reviews Trading Results

The last few days on the E-Mini have been difficult for traders. Choppy price action and the last FOMC meeting of the year are to blame. However, Day Trade to Win’s Private Mentorship Program plowed right through the unpredictability by using many methods of engagement. As seen in the video, John Paul shows how the Atlas Line, Blueprint Trade, Roadmap Trade, X-5 and others produced consistent profit over the course of several days. Traders are taught these exact methods of trading during the eight weeks of live training with John Paul. The next group session begins January 5, 2012. Early registration is open and encouraged through a reduced 2011 price. In addition to live training, students are provided with all software and written, digital courses. Each training session is recorded for future playback; thereby enforcing an understanding of the material.

3 Days of E-Mini Trading with Around 15 Points Profit

Day Trade to Win once again proves that it’s E-Mini trading software, the Atlas Line, is a serious contender among E-Mini trading systems. Differing from its competitors, the Atlas Line provides exact entry prices along with the direction (either to go Long or Short). Using the stop-loss and profit target strategies discussed in the included training session, you have a fully formed trading system. Atlas Line trading isn’t entirely automated, and it probably shouldn’t be – think of those pesky news events! In addition the order signals, the plotted line acts as confirmation whether short or long trades are a good idea at the present moment. Furthermore, when price is above the Atlas Line, stay long; when below, stay short. There are also three unique setups traders are taught to recognize and take advantage of – the Pullback, Strength and Bounce trades. Since John Paul scrolls through his NinjaTrader chart, you can see how these trades aren’t cherry-picked. This type of accuracy is not uncommon, with traders choosing to use the Atlas Line as a fundamental part of their systems.

E-Mini Response to SP Credit Downgrade

If you were trading the Emini today, hopefully you got in for the long haul or used a strategy that could deal with the chaotic movement. Those of you using NinjaTrader’s DOM could see how rapidly price was dropped. At times, price fluctuated four points in less than a second. In recent months, it was taking over an hour for price to climb or fall four points. The SP credit rating has truly affected how traders are perceiving the economy.

Here’s an example of how the Atlas Line from Day Trade to Win handles volatile days. John Paul, day trading coach, acknowledges that some days are just not meant for trading. He explains how the ATR can be used to determine the best time for trading and how it can be used in combination with the price action trading tool, the Atlas Line.

How did you do trading the Euro Currency today ?

Almost as watching magic in front of your eyes, amaze yourelf by watching the following video of John Paul demonstrating the Atlas Line software perform in two unbelievable trades.

Atlas Line indicates to go short right after three consecutive large green candles and John Paul does so with little hesitation. Why? Becayse the Atlas Line is constantly effective in making the decisions for us. Price was headed toward the Atlas Line, indicating an Atlas Line pull back trade (at least two bars pulling back followed by one candle closing in the red). ORDER FILLED. Using only price action and the Atlas Line,this resulted in a nice 1 point winner.

Plenty of opportunities for profit today with the Atlas Line:

Trade 1 – Short – win for 5-6 ticks
Trade 2 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 3 – Long – loss for 6-7 ticks
Trade 4 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 5 – Long – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 6 – Long – win for 4-5 ticks

This gives us a daily potential of 32 ticks if you traded using the Atlas Line.

The difference in doing well or not in day trading is usually a result of lack of experience, knowledge or effective tools.

The ATR gives us a clear volatility indication for us to know when to get out. All in all, the combination of the Atlas Line and ATR leave little doubt for a day trader, allowing him to get in and out with profits and ease. Is your trading strategy simple or are you fighting just to keep consistent?

Video Recap of the Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Live Trading

Using the Atlas Line is very easy and a great tool to day trade or scalp the markets. See this video of how John Paul demonstrates the Atlas Line in real-time. Along with a great setup in the morning, a Double Bar Short Signal was given by the Atlas Line at around 2:30 p.m. EST. Upon comparing the signal with the ATR (Average True Range), we knew in advance where the bottom was.

The Atlas Line is a line drawn on your day trading chart from the time the trading session starts, calculating odds using a proprietary formula. In the morning, three Bounce Long symbols appeared between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., all advising to “go long.” Of course, these notifications occurred prior to the hike that began at around 10:30 a.m.

Then about halfway into the video, John Paul shows how the Atlas Line can be used in pre-market sessions. A Short signal is produced after-hours and shortly thereafter, price dropped a few points allowing for a pre-market profit.

John then rewinds the video again to show day trading the E-Mini activity on the 30th. A Long signal was generated that didn’t amount to that much, but check out what happens with the short signal at 1203.5…

John Paul has been teaching traders how to improve their day trading and you can trade like the pros.

Atlas Line
Atlas Line