Automated E-Mini Trading Software

Here’s a recap video of E-Mini (ES) trading using automated software called the Atlas Line. The Atlas Line plots Long or Short order signals on your charts in NinjaTrader, TradeStationand eSignal. The plotted line can also be used as a reference, as you know to change to long or short trades if price is plotting above or below the line. John Paul of Day Trade to Win recommends using the ATR to dictate profit target. The Average True Range is a unique way of reading volatility. Sometimes a market with a low ATR is is far to choppy or “incomplete” to consider trading. Instead, a healthy range of 2 – 4 points of ATR for the last four bars is desired. Some days are simply better for trading than others. More often than not, the Atlas Line calls out profitable trades ahead of the big moves. Purchase of the Atlas Line includes a free live training session. The software also works with other Futures and Currencies, such as the Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, YM, Bonds and other futures / currencies.

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Buy and Sell Orders on the DOM

If you’ve ever spent considerable time day trading, you’ve likely pondered the purpose of the buy and sell orders that rapidly fluctuate in your charting software. In NinjaTrader, these values appear in the DOM window. In TradeStation, the DOM equivalent is the matrix. One cannot always rely on the buy sell values to determine support and resistance. Attempting to “tape read” these values will often result in failure. Why is this? May of these orders are “phantom” orders, placed by automated systems in hopes of manipulating retail traders to enter at compromising positions. If you look closely, you’ll see these orders disappear when price nears. What can do you about it? Don’t use order quantities to place your trades. This phantom phenomena occurs in the ES and across all other futures and currencies.

If you’re interested in a day trading course that teaches you how to handle manipulation, Power Price Action is for you.

Day Trading Coach Reviews Trading Results

The last few days on the E-Mini have been difficult for traders. Choppy price action and the last FOMC meeting of the year are to blame. However, Day Trade to Win’s Private Mentorship Program plowed right through the unpredictability by using many methods of engagement. As seen in the video, John Paul shows how the Atlas Line, Blueprint Trade, Roadmap Trade, X-5 and others produced consistent profit over the course of several days. Traders are taught these exact methods of trading during the eight weeks of live training with John Paul. The next group session begins January 5, 2012. Early registration is open and encouraged through a reduced 2011 price. In addition to live training, students are provided with all software and written, digital courses. Each training session is recorded for future playback; thereby enforcing an understanding of the material.