Stop Loss Strategies for Trading

Why has the E-Mini S&P been so slow in the last couple of months? Political turmoil, tax regulation and fiscal cliff talk has scared investors. Many people are hesitant to spend money with a great risk to lose and then pay taxes on top of it.

Speaking of losses, an important part of effective day trading is knowing where to place your stop loss. Traders always want to have the smallest stop possible. Taking this into consideration, our stop can’t be so small that the random movement of the market cannot stop us out. What can be used to guide your stop for the current market conditions? Three stops are recommended, and whichever one happens first will get us out of the trade. At 8:40 in this video, John Paul begins to explain the three stops. A Catastrophic Stop will prevent a major world news event from wiping out your account. Having something that will prevent major loss like this is very important. It’s not something we want to get hit. By using an ATR value of four (mentioned in NinjaTrader), we double the current ATR value to determine the Catastrophic Stop. To learn the remaining stops, watch the video above. There any many more trading videos at Day Trade to Win.

Josh Reviews Day Trade to Win

Here’s a web testimonial for the beginner traders – Josh had zero experience in trading. One of his trading friends said that most losses occur from trading emotionally and without a plan. He set out to find a teacher who knows what he is doing and will meet you at your skill level. He recommended John Paul at Day Trade to Win. He said the staff was very response in answering questions. Without knowing anything, they were able to answer all questions clearly and had desire to succeed. This led Josh to purchase a course and begin a successful day trading career. Day Trade to Win has a large collection of video reviews and written testimonials from its students. Many of the testimonials emphasize how Day Trade to Win was able to provide them with a profitable strategy for trading every day. Testimonials come from people who have participated in the Mentorship Program as well as those who use the Atlas Line, Power Price Action, and The Trade Scalper

NinjaTrader Webinar with Price Action Trading

This Day Trade to Win webinar was sponsored by NinjaTrader and focuses on the following:

Watch three educational trading videos to learn exact methods
• Discover the #1 tool every trader should use
• Difference between trading currencies and futures
• How to identify trends early
• Trading news events
• Why trading rooms aren’t a good idea
• Tick amounts between markets – British Pound, Euro, E-Mini, Canadian Dollar
• Volatility and when you should be trading
• Best approach from simulation to live trading

We have found NinjaTrader to be the best platform because of its advanced charting features, market analysis, and ability, and ability to switch between brokers. Some time in 2013, we expect NinjaTrader 8 to be downloadable, bringing in more features while keeping the platform streamlined. Where other platforms get bloated, you can count on NinjaTrader listening to its users and giving them exactly what they want – a fast, stable and accurate trading platform.

Trading Oil Futures, the Russell and E-mini with DayTradeToWin

John Paul discusses the offerings at Day Trade to Win and how they are all based off of price action. For the most part, the methods can be traded on anything because they’re price-action based. There is no bias for trading long or short. Candles prove the direction to trade (long or short) moving forward.

After this explanation, you’ll learn:
• Yo-Yo Bars – what they are and how to trade them
• The rules of first-come, first-served in electronic markets, HFT at the CME
• “Front-running” trades – set your sights on one tick in front of your goal
• How the Atlas Line can be used on the Euro, E-mini, Crude and Russell
• Trading news events
• Catastrophic stops, pivotal stops, time-based stops, and prove-it stops
• The January Effect

Day Trader Named Nick Reviews Day Trade to Win

Before finding Day Trade to Win, Nick was refunding his day trading account every month. Now, he says that he’s withdrawing from his account, making around $100 to $200 a day. He says that his losses usually result in break-even days. Day Trade to Win focuses on getting you in and out at the right time, but most of the time, it’s the profit target. This speaks to the consistency of the Day Trade to Win. Unlike other day trading programs, the DayTradeToWin courses do not have subscription fees. All the fees are set, one-time and then you’re all set. Nick compliments the service of JP and his team. He says that can log in to your computer, provide you with assistance and answer all your questions. He uses the Power Price Action method, Atlas Line, and The Trade Scalper. You can see all of the Day Trade to Win courses here.

Learn to Trade Price Action with Day Trade To Win

DTI Trading Pub sponsored this live webinar in which John Paul from Day Trade To Win teaches price action trading fundamentals. John Paul first covers the importance of trading news events and being aware of them using the free news indicator. Using the indicator you can see upcoming news events plotted on your NinjaTrader chart. This is a must-have. On the DayTradeToWin videos page, you can also see a video on how to trade news events. After discussing news, John Paul explains the Atlas Line entries and types of stops to use: catastrophic, time-based and prove-it. The ATR (Average True Range) is an excellent tool for telling whether a market is good for trading. This webinar is only a half-hour long and provides a coupon code for 10% off.

ATO Method Still Kicking

In the world of day trading, commercial systems and products come and go like the wind. Every day, you can find someone else who has discovered the latest and greatest technique yet has decided to share it with everyone else. Looking to find out more about how the method works? Tough luck, because you’ll have to provide your email address. At most, you’ll get an video showing trades taken months ago.

Day Trade to Win is a bit different – they create new videos almost weekly showing their systems working with a live trading account. A perfect example of this is the video above. John Paul shows the ATO method working for three consecutive, recent days. The ATO (At the Open Method) has been on the market (literally) for about four years. Used by hundreds of traders, the method teaches you how to capitalize on the E-Mini’s first big move of the day. With one or two trades at most per day, this is enough to satisfy and be done trading by noon. Considering how long DTTW has been in business and the quantity of positive reviews, you can bet the ATO will still be a viable technique in the future. If you want to see the ATO method, signing up on the DTTW home page will notify you of the next webinar event. John is always open to showing the results of his methods, good or bad, during these webinar presentations.

Former Technical Analysis Trader Discusses Price Action

This video shows a trader named Tony who switched from tape reading and technical analysis to trading based on price. He cites credit to his success so far (albeit in simulation mode) to Day Trade to Win’s eight week coaching program, Private Mentorship. As a student, Tony learned more than eight ways to trade price action. He prefers using a five-minute chart (also preferred by Tony’s teacher, John Paul) over the scalping methods. So far, Tony’s results have been very positive and plans to start trading live tomorrow. He says he has every indication that his success will continue with a live account. As we’ve noticed, NinjaTrader’s simulation mode usually accounts for the “feel” of triggering fills last, when in fact during live trading, fill rates seem to improve. When an experienced trader who has seen and tried it all finally finds something that works, it speaks volumes. To get the same education as Tony, you can become a Private Mentorship student for eight weeks or attend a webinar (usually conducted by Day Trade to Win on Thursday mornings). Changing your trading account / life around is likely a priority for the new year. As Tony has indicated, this live coaching program is a promising step in that direction.

Atlas Line Trading Software Explained

The Atlas Line makes it very easy to consistently and profitable trade index and currency futures. In this video, Day Trade to Win founder uses the Atlas Line to trade LIVE on the E-Mini S&P.

The Atlas Line is day trading software that’s compatible with NinjaTrader, TradeStation and eSignal. It’s different from other trading systems because the calculations are based on recent price history and real-time price action. This means that the indicator never has to be adjusted between instruments.

What does the Atlas Line do? It simply produces order signals ahead of big market moves. Either a short or Long signal is produced at an exact price prior to an expected rise or fall of price. This allows users to get into position ahead of time, ensuring a fill. In addition, the plotted line serves to confirm whether to stay Long or Short, based on the line’s position in relation to the current price. Rules for this decision along with exit strategies and a guide on the three unique Atlas Line trade setups are taught in the live training session that is included with purchase.

To find out more about this price action trading software, please click the link.

3 Days of E-Mini Trading with Around 15 Points Profit

Day Trade to Win once again proves that it’s E-Mini trading software, the Atlas Line, is a serious contender among E-Mini trading systems. Differing from its competitors, the Atlas Line provides exact entry prices along with the direction (either to go Long or Short). Using the stop-loss and profit target strategies discussed in the included training session, you have a fully formed trading system. Atlas Line trading isn’t entirely automated, and it probably shouldn’t be – think of those pesky news events! In addition the order signals, the plotted line acts as confirmation whether short or long trades are a good idea at the present moment. Furthermore, when price is above the Atlas Line, stay long; when below, stay short. There are also three unique setups traders are taught to recognize and take advantage of – the Pullback, Strength and Bounce trades. Since John Paul scrolls through his NinjaTrader chart, you can see how these trades aren’t cherry-picked. This type of accuracy is not uncommon, with traders choosing to use the Atlas Line as a fundamental part of their systems.