Going Short on Live E-Mini Trade

John Paul from Day Trade to Win starts this video with a Short Trade using the Atlas Line software. How much profit and stop do you use for each trade? The first trade was good for one point, based on the ATR which was also near a point. The current trade’s profit target is 1.25 points. The stop is around 2.5 points. There are three stop strategies in mind that we went over in the last video. With the ATR hovering above one point, we know the market is worth trading. When you can look at nothing but price and decide to get in and out, you are trading using price action. It’s the most effective and easiest type of trading to learn. Everything you need is provided right in front of you on the chart. There is no guessing – it’s objective. The best time to trade is in the morning starting at 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern until about noon. However, you’ve probably seen many videos with the Atlas Line trading far beyond the open outcry session. Why 9:30 a.m.? When the CME opens, there are millions of orders placed by high frequency trading algorithms, hedge funds, professional and retail traders. In addition, financial news events, press releases and the U.S. daytime infrastructure really comes online during this period. As long as the ATR (with a period of four) remains between two and four points, you can bet the trading conditions are favorable. All you need at this point is an effective day trading strategy. There are many day trading courses at Day Trade to Win that focus on price action.

Range Charts, Stop Losses and Yo-Yo Bars

Courtest of NinjaTrader, John Paul from Day Trade to Win is brought forth to explain why all of the indicators you have are pretty much worthless. As an advocate of price action, John Paul prefers to use live, plotting candles to determine his strategy. Unlike trading stocks or options, trading futures is occurs more quickly. John Paul’s trades rarely last beyond 20 minutes and can be taken to either the short or long side. NinjaTrader sponsored this webinar. At first, John Paul describes how the Atlas Line works, including its entries and stops. This indicator is not part of the default bunch that are included with NinjaTrader. You have to get the Atlas Line from the Day Trade to Win website as a six-month or lifetime license. At about 23 minutes into the video, you’ll learn a free trading strategy – one that you can immediately apply to your charts today. By understanding what Yo-Yo Bars are, you can avoid choppy back-and-forth price movement and capitalize the overall movement based on the market “trying” to move. It’s a forward-thinking way to look at price action for analyzing trends.

Atlas Line Trading Software Explained

The Atlas Line makes it very easy to consistently and profitable trade index and currency futures. In this video, Day Trade to Win founder uses the Atlas Line to trade LIVE on the E-Mini S&P.

The Atlas Line is day trading software that’s compatible with NinjaTrader, TradeStation and eSignal. It’s different from other trading systems because the calculations are based on recent price history and real-time price action. This means that the indicator never has to be adjusted between instruments.

What does the Atlas Line do? It simply produces order signals ahead of big market moves. Either a short or Long signal is produced at an exact price prior to an expected rise or fall of price. This allows users to get into position ahead of time, ensuring a fill. In addition, the plotted line serves to confirm whether to stay Long or Short, based on the line’s position in relation to the current price. Rules for this decision along with exit strategies and a guide on the three unique Atlas Line trade setups are taught in the live training session that is included with purchase.

To find out more about this price action trading software, please click the link.

Pulling 11 E-Mini Ticks In No Time

Since the E-Mini S&P often fluctuates like a ribbon, weaving like a DNA helix within a range, taking profit quickly and easy can be difficult. Scalping has always been the preferred technique for making a quick buck, however, not every trader has the time and patience to watch every candle for a setup. This is where the Atlas Line saves the day. This software solution is automated in the way that order signals are generated. Order signals let you know when to enter and at what price. By placing an order in advance, there is a greatly likelihood of getting filled at that price. Furthermore, the Atlas Line gives you the direction to enter (Long or Short), that indicates if the order should be on the Buy or Sell side of the DOM. That’s right – by sitting back, and even placing an audio alarm for order signals, the guesswork is removed. Right now, Day Trade to Win is offering a deal, 10% off, either the 6 Month or Lifetime atlas line via the coupon code 10OFFATLAS. This coupon code can be used at the Atlas Line checkout.

An E-Mini Trading System That Works (Video)

John Paul from Day Trade to Win gives up a handful of e-mini day trading tips in a webinar presentation recorded last week.

He covers topics ranging from the following:

  • Why day traders shouldn’t use indicators
  • How to day trade the news
  • Avoiding common mistakes and misconceptions when trading
  • The importance of having a plan, or blueprint when trading
  • What is price action trading and how do we trade it?
  • How do the pros trade?
  • What are the best ways to enter the market?
  • What causes volatility and slowness in the markets?
  • And he shows a few price action setups all Emini traders can take advantage of

You can find out more about Power Price Action trading at the official site.

Leaked Footage of Private E-Mini Trading Room

In the video above, John Paul, founder and E-Mini personal trainer, took one of the Day Trade to Win proprietary trades called the ATO. This At the Open trade works exclusively for the E-Mini S&P, as it’s one of the most consistently performing markets. The ATO was being taught to those enrolled the the Private Mentorship Program. With a perfect setup occurring during class, you can see John profit target and entry position. The day trading course is available independently for traders who want a consistent way to make E-Mini profits. Trading the E-Mini should not be based on subjectivity or multiple ways to interpret price action. The ATO teaches a specific way to read price, allowing for consistent profits.

E-Mini S&P: Predicting Price in the Market

Have you ever missed an order entry, misconfigured an indicator, or tried to earn more than four points in a single day? You might be surprised that there is a trading tool available that’s easy to configure and will let you know the direction of price in advance, letting you place those orders early. It’s called the Atlas Line from DayTradeToWin. When in use, the Atlas Line appears on your NinjaTrader or TradeStation chart as a guide of where to expect price and how to enter the market (long or short). Also, the indicator / tool produces highly accurate signals / messages telling you when to enter the market. Using the Atlas Line, it’s best not to get greedy and limit winning trades to four points a day to minimize exposure / risk.

In the video below, John Paul from Day Trade to Win demonstrates the Atlas Line to webinar attendees, so they can see how it performs with live, real-time data on the E-Mini S&P. Be sure to check out when the next webinar will be by visiting the DayTradeToWin Twitter. It’s also worth watching if you want to pick up expert tips on price action trading.

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