Here’s a recap video of E-Mini (ES) trading using automated software called the Atlas Line. The Atlas Line plots Long or Short order signals on your charts in NinjaTrader, TradeStationand eSignal. The plotted line can also be used as a reference, as you know to change to long or short trades if price is plotting above or below the line. John Paul of Day Trade to Win recommends using the ATR to dictate profit target. The Average True Range is a unique way of reading volatility. Sometimes a market with a low ATR is is far to choppy or “incomplete” to consider trading. Instead, a healthy range of 2 – 4 points of ATR for the last four bars is desired. Some days are simply better for trading than others. More often than not, the Atlas Line calls out profitable trades ahead of the big moves. Purchase of the Atlas Line includes a free live training session. The software also works with other Futures and Currencies, such as the Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, YM, Bonds and other futures / currencies.

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