Best Price Action Tool for the E-Mini S&P

Price action trading is best defined by John Paul in this Atlas Line webinar:

Atlas Line Webinar Part 1 of 9

For more videos in this series, click the video above to launch the YouTube page or look for the next video links at the end of each video.

Recorded on July 8, 2010, nearly 200 people attended to see how to use price action methods in combination with the Atlas Line indicator. John takes a few winning trades as the order signals appear on the Atlas Line automatically.

For a limited time, the following coupon codes are available (as posted on the DayTradeToWin Twitter):

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Official Atlas Line Page

Scalp Trading Webinar / Course had another successful run with its exclusive trade scalping course. Offered periodically throughout the year, the course teaches students E-Mini S&P price action trading techniques in a live webinar format. Students are able to take trades while being advised by the instructor. The video below shows a captured live webinar with questions being answered by the instructor.

Each day the course was offered, students walked away with not only advanced knowledge of trade scalping techniques, but actual profits. Here is a recap of all four courses along with the win-to-loss ratio:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010: 3/3 winners.
Monday, June 28, 2010: 3/3 winning trades
Wednesday, June 30, 2010: 4/5 winning trades
Friday, July 2, 2010: 5/6 winning trades

Student enthusiasm was apparent with the amount of winning trades in the form of comments posted in the video chat area. To find out when the next trade scalping course will occur, visit and register for notification. page will also update with course availability information when the time comes.

Atlas Line Webinar from

Here’s a video summary of yesterday’s live day trading Atlas Line webinar from DayTradeToWin. The Atlas Line is a proprietary indicator that tells traders when to go long and short. A long order signal was given by the Atlas Line early in the morning for the E-Mini S&P. See how this order paid off with price above the Atlas Line the entire morning, with a big margin for earning points. Crude Light, the Australian Dollar, and the Euro Currency markets all were excellent trading days when coupled with the Atlas Line, also shown in the video.

Scalp Trading Webinar Video

Scalp Trading Webinar Part 1 of 6

John Paul from and now offers “a newly documented scalp trading formula using price action charting without unreliable and expensive indicators” as mentioned in the following webinar:

Scalp Trading Webinar Part 2 of 6
Scalp Trading Webinar Part 3 of 6
Scalp Trading Webinar Part 4 of 6
Scalp Trading Webinar Part 5 of 6
Scalp Trading Webinar Part 6 of 6

Thursday, June 17 at 8:00 p.m. EST, a Price Action Scalping Webinar will be held. Find out how to scalp multiple electronic markets, getting in and out quickly and profitably!

Atlas Line May Webinar Video

DayTradeToWin has been very busy the past few weeks posting content on Twitter and new daily images of the Atlas Line while trading the e-mini, crude oil, euro, gold and other commodities / currencies on Flickr. The latest webinar was posted on YouTube sometime last week; this is great news for those who missed it (or were asleep, considering the time the video was captured). The webinar is split into nine separate videos. I recommend spacing these out and trying a few of the tips John Paul mentions, as they can be applied to many situations; even if you’re not a user / customer of the Atlas Line.

Parts 2 – 8 in order:

If you want to see Part 9, check out the DayTradeToWin YouTube channel.

Atlas Line E-Mini Webinar Video

For those of you who missed last Friday’s Atlas Line webinar, it looks like John Paul was kind enough to upload it. Check it out from the link above!
This was just a short snippet of the webinar (which was entirely FREE and lasted over an hour!). It demonstrates the use of the Atlas Line (an automated tool which is very easy to use – stay long when the price is above, go short when the price is below) To find out when he’s having the next webinar, you have to sign up for notice at