DayTradeToWin has been very busy the past few weeks posting content on Twitter and new daily images of the Atlas Line while trading the e-mini, crude oil, euro, gold and other commodities / currencies on Flickr. The latest webinar was posted on YouTube sometime last week; this is great news for those who missed it (or were asleep, considering the time the video was captured). The webinar is split into nine separate videos. I recommend spacing these out and trying a few of the tips John Paul mentions, as they can be applied to many situations; even if you’re not a user / customer of the Atlas Line.

Parts 2 – 8 in order:

If you want to see Part 9, check out the DayTradeToWin YouTube channel.

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4 thoughts on “Atlas Line May Webinar Video”
  1. Thanks for the great videos and information, defintely have given me something to chew on. This Atlas Line seems so easy to use it would almost be unfair to other traders not using it lol :]
    Will check out the website but if there are other places where I can get info about this method defintely let me know.

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