Trading Results – Four Days of Price Action System

The last few days using the Atlas Line have been quite profitable. The signals have been nearly-dead on. We’re not sure why John Paul uses the Bounce signals, as many of his other videos mention turning this feature off. Regardless, the Long and Shorts were very accurate. Using the NinjaTrader platform, John Paul scrolls through the most recent four days.

Basically, the rules of the Atlas Line are as follows:

When two closes occur above the plotted line, go long (a Long signal is also produced on the chart)
When two closes occur below the plotted line, go short (a Short signal is also produced on the chart)

Stay in the trade until one of the following occurs:

You make profit based on the ATR rules (use a period of four for the ATR)
You hit a prove-it stop (price closes above or below the Atlas Line once in the opposite direction from which you entered)
You hit a time-based stop (20 minutes or four candles on a 5-min chart)
You hit a catastrophic stop (also based on ATR)

As you can see, the rules for entering and exiting a trade are straightforward. They’re taught in detail in the live training that’s included with purchase.
Additionally, you are taught how to use the S and P symbols that appear on the chart – indicating entries for additional Strength and Pullback trades.
You will of course have losing trades. Many days are profitable, some are break-even, and a few are losses. The recent trades page provides a history of recent trades taken by John Paul.

E-Mini Trading – 10 Contracts, 2 Trades, 5 Points

After having arrived to late on a trade, John Paul demonstrates why you should let missed opportunities and losing trades roll right off your back. John places a 10 contract E-mini order at 1170.25. After getting filled, the profit target is set for two points. He’s then filled with an accumulated total of 5 E-mini points for the day using the Atlas Line alone. There were plenty of other day trading strategies that could have been used that weren’t recorded. This is the benefit of attending a trading school – being equipped with many price action techniques for any type of chart. These results are not out of your grasp. Day Trade to Win offers a six month Atlas Line trial where you can take these Strength and Pullback trades on the E-mini and other markets just like in the videos.