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Here’s a glance at recent and real-time Trade Scalper signals. Note that the full form of the Trade Scalper software that you receive as a customer draws a number of lines on your chart. These lines help guide your trading. What are you are seeing in the video is the simplified version for demonstration purposes, although the signals are the same for all versions.

In the video, John Paul covers utilizing the Trade Scalper as signals show up, trade management, entry, and exit. Diverse order types can be utilized: stop orders, limit orders, stop with limit requests, and market orders. Do you know the contrasts between them? Try not to worry because John Paul breaks down each order type. For the Trade Scalper method, you will need to use specific order types because of the goal: many small winning trades.

Did you know that a training video is included with purchase? Yes, you’ll learn how to trade the method exactly as intended.

Also, you will get a copy of the Trade Scalper during the eight-week Mentorship Program. Mentorship is the best and most cost-effective way to learn all of our techniques. We have set aside some of them especially for Mentorship students. The next class begins soonso enroll today to save your seat!

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