On June 26, 2010, John Paul will be in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to explain his day trading strategies in person. The event will take place in the Atlantic Hotel right on the beach.

John Paul’s trading methods to be discussed:

– Scalping (get in and get out of the market quickly all day for maximum profits!)
– X5 (consistent support and resistance levels you can use to set your buy and sell positions)
ATO (At The Open) and John Paul’s Price Action trading methods

Other topics include:

– Avoiding traps, scams and other day trading dangers
– Entering and exiting trades at precisely the right time
– Determining where to take your profits
– How to day trade like a pro

Attendees will receive a FREE scalping indicator!

Book your seat now as this will fill up fast! Very few live trading seminars are offered like this nowadays…

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8 thoughts on “Live Day Trading Seminar from DayTradeToWin.com in Florida”
    1. Okay, I hope to see you there. Hopefully he will let us bring cameras. I’d like to record a video day trading videos for this site. We need more class-room style instruction for day traders these days…

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