Were you able to join the live trading webinar? Numerous dealers sat in and watched the sign happen continuously. John Paul broadly expounds and responds to inquiries from the audience. Please watch the replay below. The online course is new, having happened recently. The introduction starts with John Paul giving a general clarification of the business sectors.

Highlights from Part 1:

Part 1 – In the event that you missed the live online course Friday morning here is your opportunity to review the trades taken place, the inquiries and answers given, and the clarifications for each exchange taken in the online webinar was over 60 minutes, and separated into three sections.
Part 1 Covered
*Order types
*Phantom orders
*Trade Scalper Live Trades Taken
*Questions and Answers

  • Part 2 –

Part 2 Covered –
*Order types
*Phantom orders
*Atlas Line Live Trade
*Trade Scalper Live Trades Taken * Filtering Trades * Q & A

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