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Today I want to discuss some more candle patterns. In any case, one thing that I truly need to call attention to, and I referenced this before in a past episode, is that you should see candlestick patterns as “principles” instead of exact patterns, you have to take a look at the entire picture, the entire chart, rather than mechanically look for a candle or a few candles that look a certain way.

You check whether you could search for specific patterns, similar to one of the reversal patterns we had a look at in the last episode, and trade when you discovered one of them  — if that was conceivable we could simply program an algorithm and automate it, similar to the other software that we provide. As I would see it, these candlestick patterns can be powerful tools that will help you in your price action day trading, but you shouldn’t just mechanically trade them. You always need to consider the whole picture.

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